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Residential and Commercial Landscaping

Serving South Orange County and beyond

Residential Landscaping Services

Standard gardening services for the home include the following:
Mowing all lawn areas
Weed eating with string trimmer
Edging along curbs, sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.

The following landscaping services can be added for an additional fee or requested on an as-needed basis:

Mulching flowerbeds and trees
Draining Solutions
Landscape Lighting
Spring/Fall clean-up
Flower bed clean out and weeding
Fertilization program (generally 3 applications per year including winterizer treatment in the fall)
Annual weed control program
Over seeding with winter rye
Spring scalping
Seasonal color changes
Irrigation system checks and repairs 
Tree trimming
Landscape grading 
Landscape Planning
Botanic gardens
Native plant gardens
Drought-friendly products


Mulch is a vapor barrier covering soil in landscape beds. It can be made of organic or inorganic materials, and in addition to slowing evaporation it can help suppress weeds, maintain soil temperature levels and provide a decorative touch to the bed.

In choosing a mulch, aesthetics is typically the most important concern of a homeowner or landscaper. A successful water conservation program will educate the final user about proper application of mulch and maintenance in order to get the greatest water savings. Water savings are related to depth of mulch slope of soil, irrigation system and proper application – mulch placed too close to the base of plants can provide a habitat for pathogens (fungus or molds).

Most suppliers recommend between 1" to 3" inches of mulch on a highly sloped landscape. A hard rain will wash such material off the slope. Where slopes occur, proper barriers must be installed to hold the mulch and heavier materials such as gravels or rocks are recommended.

Rocks and gravel hold heat more than organic mulches. So if they are used, plant selection must be made with heat tolerance in mind. Other inorganic mulch products include recycled rubber products. The principle advantage of inorganic mulches is the fact that organic materials decompose and must be replaced or added to every year.

Organic mulches include shredded bark, leaves and chipped wood. After rainfall mulches can compact, and if anaerobic spaces develop, a “sour” mulch with ammonia, or other organic gases can develop which can damage or kill the plants. Mulched beds with organic materials need regular turning to prevent such anaerobic processes. Since some types of mulches can hold water, drip or micro irrigation is recommended. Sprinkler irrigation which wets the entire mulched bed should be avoided. 

Drainage Solutions / Runoff

Water from precipitation or irrigation that flows over the ground and into lakes, streams, rivers and other bodies of water constitutes runoff. Runoff often carries with it pollutants (fertilizers, oils, and chemicals) from the land surface and may also cause soil erosion.

Landscape Lighting

Many goals of landscape lighting are achieved by using a mixture of several types of lighting fixtures. Our goal is to carefully coordinate the balance of all lighting fixtures for each project. Homeowners can choose from a variety of different lighting features: up-lighting, path lighting, accent lighting, down lighting and flood lighting. Up-lighting trees and shrubs provide a very dramatic effect. Path lighting can illuminate a walkway, driveway or staircase. Accent lighting hi-lights any object and creates mesmerizing shadows of plant material and other yard features. Down-lighting and flood-lighting achieve different dimensions that will complete any lighting installation.
Installations usually include direct burial transformers which are virtually unnoticeable when installed and carry a lifetime product warranty. The wiring methods used for a typical installation ensure equal voltage at each fixture allowing the light bulbs to cast a crisp white light. Troubleshooting also becomes an easy task as connections and junction boxes are kept to a minimum.
Our company works closely with industry leading licensed electricians in order to offer the highest level of service. Electrical contractors provide the perfect compliment to our expertise in landscape lighting design and installation. All low-voltage lighting systems can be designed to be operated independently through a timing device, wall switch or "smart home" network. 

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Leaves have fallen, shrubs have undesirably grown, some plants are dead, weeds are out of control, soil is sick, and a lot of debris and garbage are just floating around the area. Our spring clean-up service will put everything in shape in a jiffy. We do this in a variety of ways but the goal is always the same; clean up the mess left by winter and prepare the area for the lovely summer season.
We offer spring clean-up and system start-up, lawn and plant care, irrigation repairs, pruning, tree staking, fertilizations, weed-control and pond maintenance along with autumn clean-up.
Commercial contracts include the following basic services:

Mowing, trimming and edging
Weeding flower beds
Litter removal from lawn and bed areas prior to mowing
Pruning small trees and crepe myrtles (< 8 ft)
Fertilize three times per year

Optional services which can be added to any service contract for an additional fee are:

Low-voltage Accent Landscape Lighting
Hedge Trimming
Over-seeding with winter rye
Seasonal color changes 
Mulching flower beds and trees
Irrigation system checks and repairs
Annual weed control program
Tree problems (Solutions often includes pruning in case some parts of the tree are damaged or need growth)
Landscape design
Landscape installation
Landscape renovation 
Landscape lighting
Drainage and irrigation
Seasonal decorating
Holiday lighting
Urban farming 
Industrial design

Professionals can install and service a customized irrigation system that will help reduce plant loss and stress, lower your utility bills, and enhance the chemical performance. For those of you who already have an irrigation system in place, we offer: 

Low Voltage Lighting

Lighting is a necessity to enjoy balmy evenings under the stars or to brighten up sidewalks and driveways for safety reasons. Low voltage lights are energy efficient and economical to operate. Modern fixtures come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be placed in and around trees, fountains and waterfalls, creating dramatic scenes. Green's Gardening & Landscaping has pioneered the industry of illumination techniques and is capable of accentuating any surrounding landscape or architectural feature. 

Hedge Trimming

We trim all types of hedges, big, small, round, square, pillars, globes, topiaries, etc.
Hedges that have been trimmed properly can add value to your property, provide a wind or sound barrier, provide privacy from your neighbors and provide a host to birds of the Orange County area. Nicely pruned hedges also serve as an alternative to fencing. If you would like a professional to shape and pruning your hedges, Austin Tree Surgeons is here to help.
Regular hedge trimming and/or pruning of your hedge or shrubs keeps them under control, healthy and looking nice.
Formal hedges, typical of topiaries (Eugenia, boxwoods and privets) require regular trimming during the growing months to maintain the desired shape.
Tip: Hedges trimmed in the fall or winter will not grow back until the spring. Hedges trimmed in the late winter or early spring will quickly recover. So this is the best time to drastically reduce hedges as they are sure to have new growth very soon to cover up any bare spots.
Water conservation has become an urgent priority throughout North America, even in areas where water seems abundant. Below, you will find information on conserving landscape water on your property.

Rain Garden Planting

A low area of the landscape with plants well-adapted to high soil moisture and used to manage stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces such as roofs, sidewalks and parking lots. Rain garden plants also need to be adapted to dry soil conditions since the area may be dry for extended periods as well.

The method of soil improvement in a WaterWise landscape is important. First choice is use of compost. Other additives are more short term in nature and may require additional supplemental irrigation.

Rain Barrels

A barrel used to collect rainwater that flows off of rooftops.

Beautiful landscapes and wise water management go together. Good horticultural practice includes putting the right plant in the right place and providing only the minimum inputs such as water and fertilizer.

Regular Maintenance

Even the most WaterWise design can become water thirsty if not properly maintained. A written maintenance program helps ensure proper maintenance. Such a program includes:

Aeration of mulched beds and turf areas

Mowing frequently at the proper height for more information

Regular inspection of irrigation system and heads

Regularly scheduled irrigation audits

Checking the data in the smart controller or re-setting a system quarterly to accommodate weather changes

Attending to plant health. Users who see a plan in distress tend to assume it needs water and pour it on. A healthy plant will require less water. 

Tree removal may be a sad choice, but this is often recommended for ill or dead trees. 

Soil Analysis and Improvement

A soil analysis is essential for a WaterWise landscape plan. Results of the analysis and actions needed to alter the quality of the soil are also essential components. Soil depth dictates which plants will thrive in an area and how much water they will need. Soil type (sandy, clay, etc.) dictates timing and extent of supplemental irrigation. The beginning point for such an analysis should always be a soil test. 

Lawn and Plant Care

Some landscape maintenance tasks are not done by the season but by the need. More than anything else, plants will require utmost attention. They need to be regularly fertilized so they can continue growing and be strong enough to stand against the harshest challenges of nature. Too much fertilizing might lead to weed growth, though. No worries about that because we can take care of the weeds without damaging the important plants in the landscape. 

Due to the numerous factors which affect the price of commercial maintenance, please call us for a consultation and estimate. All commercial clients are put on a 12-month service contract that is tailored to suit their specific needs. 

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